welcome to the everyday journals

Hello and welcome to the everyday journals! "The Everyday Journals" is my new blog about memory keeping and documenting life through writing, photography and paper art. I've been blogging since 2008, but just recently decided to go back to blogger.com after a long absence. I really enjoyed blogging here and this was the first platform I used when I started writing in a blog on my first year in university. So many years have passed since then! But I'm excited for what is next to come, excited to start my new adventure here. I've used different sites as blogs but I love the simplicity of blogger.com so I'm in peace with the decision to leave my other sites and focus on my blogs here. I will write here in blogger.com in a few sites- Craft Stories, The Everyday Journals and Wine Stories- All combined to one account. I hope you'll enjoy my posts and feel free to comment below. 

See you soon,


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